Studies on Social and Education Sciences 2022

Studies on Social and Education Sciences 2022 Download Book

ISBN: 978-1-952092-37-4

Studies on Social and Education Sciences 2022

Editors Dr. Suzanne El Takach, Dr. Omer Tayfur Ozturk

Studies in the fields of education and social sciences have always been important in terms of their impacts on society. The studies in this book contribute to the fields of education and social sciences by different research methods, participants, and contexts and add a global perspective to these fields.

The book is divided into two sections related to studies on social sciences and education sciences. While the section on social sciences includes 10 chapters, the section on education sciences involves 13 chapters. The chapters’ contributors are from the following countries:

  • Georgia
  • India
  • Iran
  • Lebanon
  • Philippines
  • Saudi Arabia
  • South Africa
  • Sweden
  • The Netherlands
  • Tunisia
  • Turkey
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

The international Society for Technology, Education and Science (ISTES) offers several conferences on Education and Social Science, held in different cities and countries. Scholars and researchers from worldwide have the opportunities to display their researches on education, exchange visions and get acquainted with colleagues for future collaboration.

Above all, these annual gatherings bring scholars closer to others’ schools and universities systems, curricula and about the actual state of researches for more than 50 countries.

The present annual book on Studies on Social and Education Sciences 2022 consists of 23 chapters that cover the latest trends in Education and Social Science studies. Namely, technology-oriented education, STEM-Education, Leadership and Management, etc.


El Takach, S. & Ozturk, O. T. (Eds.). (2022). Studies on Social and Education Sciences 2022. ISTES Organization.


The "Studies on Social and Education Sciences 2022" is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, permitting all non-commercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

© 2022, ISTES Organization

Table of Contents

Packing the United States Supreme Court and Judicial Interpretive Philosophy: Implications for Religion in the Public Schools

Timothy John Seigler

More Info DownloadPages: 3-25

Critical Interpretation of A Non-Creative Supervision Practice for Ph.D. Students

Amjad Almusaed, Marisol Rico Cortez, Asaad Almssad

More Info DownloadPages: 26-46

Accreditation towards the Internationalization of the Professions Staged on Industrial Revolution (IR) 4.0 Academic Milieu amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

Janet R. Valdez, Mark Rey C. Santos

More Info DownloadPages: 47-82

The Importance of Instructional Technologies and Material Design in Turkish-Literature Teaching

Mesut Bulut, Abdulkadir Kırbaş

More Info DownloadPages: 83-102

Students and Mental Health: Role of Psychological Immunity in Prevention of Student Suicides

Sampurna Guha, Nimisha Beri

More Info DownloadPages: 103-115

Research and Inquiry-Based Learning Model in Turkish Teaching

Abdulkadir Kırbaş, Mesut Bulut

More Info DownloadPages: 116-139

Some (Meta) discourse Markers in English and Georgian Commencement Speeches

Khatia Buskivadze

More Info DownloadPages: 140-165

The Effect of Celebrity Endorsements and Political Identity in Sustainability Advertising

Jung Hwa Choi, Tae Rang Choi

More Info DownloadPages: 166-192

In the Name of the Love: An Empirical Study of Intimate Partner Violence in Chinese News Reports in 2010 and 2020

Weixiao Tang

More Info DownloadPages: 193-216

The Other Face of Autism Spectrum Disorder: Addressing the Needs of Adolescent Girls in Diagnosis, Treatment, and Support

Brigid G. Miller, Bahareh Sahebi

More Info DownloadPages: 217-235

Repurposing Video Games as Discussion Tools

Joshua M. Patterson

More Info DownloadPages: 236-263

The Role of Students’ Attitude towards Online Peer Feedback in Successful Uptake of Feedback in Argumentative Essay Writing

Nafiseh Taghizadeh Kerman, Seyyed Kazem Banihashem, Omid Noroozi

More Info DownloadPages: 264-274

From Sage on the Stage to Host with the Most: Using Entertainment TV Techniques to Deliver Effective Online Learning

Diane Gayeski

More Info DownloadPages: 275-295

The Opportunities, Challenges and Implications for 3D Digital Designs: Introducing New Toolkits for Pre-Service Teacher Training Courses

Sertaç Arabacıoğlu

More Info DownloadPages: 239-321

STEM Schools: Benefits, Challenges and Impacts on Education

Mustafa Tevfik Hebebci

More Info DownloadPages: 322-341

Everything Old is New Again: A Mathematical History Lesson for Cybersecurity Students

Donna M. Schaeffer , Patrick C. Olson , Ana H. Valentín

More Info DownloadPages: 342-353

Digital and E-Leadership in Higher Education

Deniz Koyuncuoğlu

More Info DownloadPages: 354-372

The Challenges of Distance Education from the Point of View of Teachers and Mothers of Pupils with Learning Difficulties at the Primary Level

Rawan Saeed AL Qahtani, Kowthar J. Ali

More Info DownloadPages: 373-393

Cognition and Regulation in Physics Learning: Does Inherent Metacognition Predict Students’ Performance?

Olalekan Taofeek Badmus, Loyiso C. Jita

More Info DownloadPages: 394-416

Socio- and Applied Linguistic Peculiarities of Using L1 in Georgian Educational Discourse

Khatuna Buskivadze

More Info DownloadPages: 417-437

Entrepreneurship Skills Development through Education: Comparing Students from Faculty of Economics and Management of Tunis (FEMT) to Students from Higher Institute of Medical Technologies of Tunis (HIMTT)

Chaker Hajer, Slama Thouraya, Elyetim Nejiba

More Info DownloadPages: 458- 675

Understanding the NIST Risk Management Framework in Higher Education Institutions

Matthew Paulson

More Info DownloadPages: 459-489

Relationship between Physical Activity Participation and GPA: Report of National Survay among Asian American High School Students

Zhenhao (Howard) Zeng, Raymond E. Weston, Jason Archimandritis

More Info DownloadPages: 490-510

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