Studies on Education, Science, and Technology 2021

Studies on Education, Science, and Technology 2021 Download Book

ISBN: 978-1-952092-28-2

Studies on Education, Science, and Technology 2021

Editors Dr. Mack Shelley, Dr. Ismail Sahin

Education, science, and technology disciplines at all levels have never been more important, more exciting, or more crucial for its broader impacts on human society. The need for advanced technical skills is increasingly pressing to address climate change, combat COVID and other diseases, enhance the infrastructural built environment, grow food sources to feed an expanding planetary population, make new scientific discoveries, and interface synergistically with the arts, humanities, and social sciences. Teachers/instructors/mentors/ professors need to be proficient in the best ways to convey knowledge and motivate the next generations of productive and engaged citizens of an increasingly diverse planet on which its human inhabitants must learn to confront and surmount increasingly difficult challenges to survival and prosperity. Students need to be focused on honing their learning skills and adapting to an ever-evolving global economy demanding always higher levels of technical proficiency. Students also need to be free to pursue any and all areas of interest without interference from cultural, political, ideological, or faith-imposed limitations. Policymakers need to provide the financial and human resources to fuel the engine of education, and they must create the maximum possible latitude for both those who teach and those who learn to pursue science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to their limits. This book contributes to addressing these needs and to suggesting potential solutions from multiple global perspectives. Adaptability of instructional methods, relevance of instructional content to students’ lived experiences, and sensitivity to the mental and physical demands imposed on students must be hallmarks of education. The book is divided into three sections related to studies on education, science, and technology. Each section includes three chapters. The chapter’s contributors are from the following countries: the United States, Germany, Greece, Indonesia, the United Kingdom, Russia, and Malaysia. This diversity brings an international perspective to the book.


Shelley, M. & Sahin, I. (Eds.). (2022). Studies on Education, Science, and Technology 2021. ISTES Organization.


The "Studies on Education, Science, and Technology 2021" is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, permitting all non-commercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

© 2022, ISTES Organization

Table of Contents

Access to Learning: Reality or Mirage in an Increasingly Virtual World?

Beth Godett

More Info DownloadPages: 3-32

Portfolios as Formative Assessment in Applied Mathematics: Influences of Portfolios on the Teaching-learning Process

Edeltraud Gehrig, Annika Kanzinger, Joerg Zender

More Info DownloadPages: 33-58

Integration of Digital Technology and Educational Planning for Teaching and Learning Religion in Higher Education Institutions

Ioanna Komninou, Christos Papakostas

More Info DownloadPages: 59-80

Athlete Students' Anxiety Levels on Physical Activity and Performance during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Syamsul Gultom, Baharuddin, Dina Ampera, Dewi Endriani

More Info DownloadPages: 81-126

A Study of Present-day Women’s Family Status in China: Intimate Relationships among Chinese Post-90s Couples

Anran Li

More Info DownloadPages: 127-146

Recurring Emotions and Coping Mechanisms of Parents with Children having Autism

Nicole Marie C. Pascua, Cherry Amor Dizon

More Info DownloadPages: 147-184

The Role of Educational Technology in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Eva Faridah, Indra Kasih, Rudi Hartono

More Info DownloadPages: 185-210

On a Novel Approach to Undergraduate IT Education

Mikhail Lavrentiev, Alex Shafarenko, Marina Derzho

More Info DownloadPages: 211-234

Locating Visual Arts Instruction in Malaysian Higher Education: COVID-19 Epoch

Lilian Lee Shiau Gee

More Info DownloadPages: 235-254

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