Proceedings of International Conference on Humanities, Social and Education Sciences

Proceedings of International Conference on Humanities, Social and Education Sciences Download Book

ISBN: 978-1-952092-18-3

Proceedings of International Conference on Humanities, Social and Education Sciences

Editors Stephen Jackowicz, Ismail Sahin

Volume 1, Pages 1-412
Proceedings of International Conference on Humanities, Social and Education Sciences
© 2021 Published by the ISTES Organization
ISBN: 978-1-952092-18-3
Editors: Stephen Jackowicz & Ismail Sahin
Articles: 1-28
Conference: International Conference on Humanities, Social and Education Sciences (iHSES)
Dates: April 22-25, 2021
Location: New York, USA
Conference Chair(s):
Stephen Jackowicz, University of Bridgeport, United States
Richard Thripp, University of Central Florida, United States


Jackowicz, S. & Sahin, I. (2021). Proceedings of International Conference on Humanities, Social and Education Sciences. ISTES Organization.


The "Proceedings of International Conference on Humanities, Social and Education Sciences" is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, permitting all non-commercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

© 2021, ISTES Organization

Table of Contents

Cover Page & Contents

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Podcasting for Teaching and Research in History: A Case Study

Richard A. Reiman

More Info DownloadPages: 1-10

International Students Mobility - Ten Years of Experience at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Coimbra (2009-2019)

Marília Dourado, Nicole Dourado, Cláudia Ribeiro

More Info DownloadPages: 11-22

Identifying Difficulties with Cultural Valuation of the Environment

Kelvin Jian Ming Lee

More Info DownloadPages: 23-40

Thinking – and Teaching – Outside the Gender Binary Box: Study Proposal for Promoting Gender Inclusivity Instruction in U.S. Public Schools Grades K and 1st

Kelli Jeanne Ling, Kera Chi Hwei Ling

More Info DownloadPages: 41-61

Modern Pre-operation Education of Surgeons: Principles Forming of Clinical Diagnosis

Volodymyr Sulyma, Kateryna Yaroshenko, Igor Verholaz, Pavlo Badyul

More Info DownloadPages: 62-66

Proposed Strategic Plan to Improve Student Retention and Enrollment at Universities: A Perspective Study

Hisham A. Maddah

More Info DownloadPages: 66-77

The Philippine National Police (PNP) in Bicol Region: A Community Survey on its Performance

Ryan V. Dio, Michael John A. Jamora, Ritzelda A. Deri, Sherill A. Gilbas

More Info DownloadPages: 78-105

Serving Clients in Central Appalachia: Self-efficacy of Mental Health Counselors with Assessment of and Intervention for Substance Use

Darlene B. Vaughn

More Info DownloadPages: 106-150

Educational Leadership for Development of Structural Plans, Cultural Diversity, Curriculum Standards, and Faculty Engagement

Hisham A. Maddah

More Info DownloadPages: 151-163

Workplace Experiences of Working Mothers: A Phenomenological Research

Esra Karakuş Umar, Abdullah Yiğit Güngör

More Info DownloadPages: 164-174

The Impact of Job Challenge and Job Satisfaction on Police Performance

Chris Bitner, Niyazi Ekici, Glenn Daugherty

More Info DownloadPages: 175-184

Validation through Classical Allusion: Creative Referencing as a Social Vector of Validity in Classical Chinese Medical Texts

Steve Jackowicz

More Info DownloadPages: 185-192

The Reality of Applying Teachers for Learning Disabilities Criteria According of Some Variables in Jubail City

Fareada Faiz Alshamry, Kowthar Jamal Eldian

More Info DownloadPages: 193-205

Evaluation and Quality Assurance for Higher Education in Morocco: the ANEAQ as the Main Actor

Omar Oustous, Adel Ihichr, Younès El Bouzekri El Idrissi, Ayoub Ait Lahcen

More Info DownloadPages: 206-218

Examining the Picture Book Production Process: The Creative Autonomy of Picture Book Artist

Hsiang Ling Lin

More Info DownloadPages: 219-231

Multidisciplinary Development of Sustainable Education

Fatma Khanim Bunyatova, Aynur Bunyatova, Nigar Shahhuseynbayova

More Info DownloadPages: 232-249

Fintech for Growth: The Case of Albania

Merita Toska, Eneida Thomaj, Ledia Bregu

More Info DownloadPages: 250-273

Exploring Digital Transformation of Taipei City in Municipal Services: A Case Study in Taipei PASS

Yuen Tung Ho

More Info DownloadPages: 274-281

Exploring the Trend of Plant-Based Meat in Taiwan

Kuan-Ju Yen

More Info DownloadPages: 282-296

Decentralisation in Albania: Achievements, Challenges, and Perspectives

Merita Toska, Aida Ciro, Ogerta Gjiknuri

More Info DownloadPages: 297-312

Investigation of Teachers' Risk-taking and Life Satisfaction Levels during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Davut Atılgan

More Info DownloadPages: 313-321

Exploring CRM Involved in Digital Era for Generation X

Yi Chun Shen

More Info DownloadPages: 322-332

Design Thinking as an Educational Innovation Way: A Case Study of Design for Change Taiwan (DFC Taiwan)

Wan-Ting Lin

More Info DownloadPages: 333-348

Analysis of Croatian Book Blog Audience's Habits and Behavior Using Mixed Methodology

Silvija Skoda, Zeljka Bagaric

More Info DownloadPages: 349-368

Security for Online Exams: Digital Proctoring

Yasemin Bertiz, Mustafa Tevfik Hebebci

More Info DownloadPages: 369-374

The Effect of Optical Illusion 3D Crosswalk on Vision

Chin-Chun, Lai, Ting-Yun, You, Yung-An, Lei

More Info DownloadPages: 375-384

Correlation Analysis of Krav Maga Athletes' Sociodemographic Characteristics and Their Leadership Competencies

Zeljka Bagaric, Emilija Strucic

More Info DownloadPages: 385-404

University Students’ Internet Addiction Status and Relationship to Their Perceptions of Internet

Mustafa Koc, Cagri Tanrikulu

More Info DownloadPages: 405-412

Postmodern Artist Mehmet Kavukçu and Füsun Onur

Omer Tayfur Ozturk, Fatma Al

More Info DownloadPages: 413-421

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